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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: June 2007

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

Great Steals and Deals around town and online to save you the big bucks and help you keep more of your hard-earned money!

Monday, June 25, 2007

6/25/07 Newsletter


Hi everyone! School is finally out and the summer fun has begun! Since you're probably going on vacations out of town or driving the fam around for entertainment, I thought you'd like to know where to find The cheapest gas prices in town. Try the link below. MSN updates this information every night. Just enter your zip code and get a display of the cheapest and most expensive gas stations in the area.

Seems like everyone I know is traveling abroad this summer. As Napolean Dynomite would say "Lucky." If you're one of the lucky ones, you might be interested in Cheap to free International calls. JaJah and Rebtel are two communications companies that are changing the international communications game. They are both offering cheap to free international calling. You can go to their websites at and to see exactly how they work. They are easy to use and can save you tons so check them out.

How to identify a phony freebie site
I love freebies, but how do you differentiate between a free sample from a legitimate company that's trying to solicit new customers from a data harvester that will lead to lots of spam and never send you any freebie? Here are a few questions to ask about a site before you give them any of your information. 1) Who runs the site? If there is no contact information or just a free email address, be suspicious - most places WANT customers to be able to contact them & order things, and real businesses don't conduct transactions things via hotmail. 2) Does the site look shoddy?Even small companies want to maintain a professional appearance. If a site has spelling mistakes or just an overall amateur appearance, be skeptical - it may have been thrown together that same week using a template & free stock images. Spam sites appear out of nowhere, collect as much data as possible in a short time, and then vanish before the authorities catch them. If a site is full of Google or popup ads, another warning bell should be ringing. If you were promoting something, would you have advertisements for a competitor on your site? 3) Why are they giving away things for free? A retailer or wholesaler may give something free as an incentive to get customers to buy more. A manufacturer may give something away for free to promote brand awareness & attract new markets. If a site isn't selling any products, it doesn't produce any products & it isn't an advertiser for a company that makes those products, how would it earn money by spending thousands on merchandise & shipping? Why would you buy 50,000 coffee cups then mail them to people all over the world that you were never going to hear from again? Here are a couple of sites where companies can be checked:http://www.whois.net

And now for a legitimate freebie!
Free 5×7 enlargement or collage at CVS/pharmacy

I hope you're enjoying your summer!!
Sister Thrifty

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6/13/07 Newsletter

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty Newsletter

SUMMER MOVIES FOR THE KIDSAMC Summer MovieCamp F*R*E*E movies from June 27 – August 15 (excluding July 4) on Wednesdays starting at 10:00 AM. Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse 10 weeks of movies on weekday mornings. Tickets for all 10 movies can be purchased in advance for $5 or can be purchased individually at the box office for $1 each.Classic Cinemas $1 movies for 8 week from June 13 to August 8 (excluding July 4) on Wednesdays starting at 10:00 AM.SIGN UP FOR THEIR EMAIL AND GET:A FREE popcorn as a thank-you for subscribing, A FREE movie ticket sent to you on your birthday, A FREE popcorn in honor of Popcorn Month in October, and Other special offers that can include FREE soft drinks, FREE candy, two-for-the-price-of-one movie tickets or more FREE popcorn. ClearView Cinema's Kid's Club An 8 week series with F*R*E*E admission every Thursday at 10:30 AM beginning July 5thCrown Free Summer Kids Film Festival Bring your GOOD GRADES in and get F*R*E*E movie ticketsall A's = 2 tickets, A&B = 1 ticket , all B's F*R*E*E popcornMarcus Theaters Kids Rule Summer Series: $2.50 movies (includes F*R*E*E popcorn) at 10:00 AM Wednesday and Thursday Regal Free Family Film Festival United Artists theaters and Edwards theaters F*R*E*E movies for 9 week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00 AM

Sister Thrifty

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6/6/07 Newsletter

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty Newsletter
Breaking News:
Throw the kids in the car and get a FREE rootbeer float at Sonic Drive In nationwide on June 7 from 8pm until midnight. To find a location near you go to

C ENTSerely,
Sister Thrifty

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6/1/07 Newsletter

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty Newsletter
Hi everyone! I finally finished writing my next book, so now I'll be able to get back to writing this newsletter! Whew!
This article came across my desk today, so I thought I'd forward it on as this week's consumer tips!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Sister Thrifty

The best time to buy -- anything
Did you know that airlines change their fare schedule three times a day? Or that cars are more likely to be a bargain at the end of the month?
If you're waiting until your refrigerator gasps out its last breath of cold air to shop for a new one, you could be missing out on a chance for big savings. Timing your purchases to coincide with manufacturer discounts, clearance sales and off-season discounts will take out the stress of finding a good price on almost anything.
We spoke with a few experts to get the inside scoop on the best times of the year to shop.
Airline tickets
Best time: It depends
There really is no best time of the year to buy plane tickets. But if you expect to travel around the holidays, always plan ahead because deals are hard to come by.
"If you can get a good deal for Thanksgiving and Christmas at any time, buy it. That is their peak period, and airlines have a limited inventory," says Neil Bainton, the chief operating officer of Farecompare, a travel-planning Web site that tracks airline ticket prices.
For non-holiday domestic travel, Bainton recommends that travelers never buy tickets more than 90 days away from their departure date. "You want to watch the 21-day mark because some carriers will file their lowest fares as a 21-day advance purchase. And then the next window is at 14 days, which you really don't want to go by unless you're feeling lucky," Bainton says. Getting a good ticket price depends on the competition in the markets you're flying to and from and the supply of seats versus the demand.
Airlines file updates to their fares three times a day: 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays, with one filing –- at 5 p.m. -- on Saturday and Sunday. (All times are ET.) "Most of the lowest fares are filed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays. It depends on the carrier and the market," Bainton says.
Air conditioners
Best time: winter
Common sense prevails in the air-conditioner market, according to Diane Ritchey, editor of Home Appliance Magazine.
"Think about when they're most in use: May through September. People feel the heat and they start to buy. The stock gets depleted, the demand is higher and so is the price. When cool weather comes around, most people just aren't into air conditioner purchasing, so the demand drops, as does the price," she says.
Big appliances
Best time: September and October
Just like the fall clothing influx, new models of major appliance models such as ranges and washing machines hit showroom floors in September and October, says Home Appliance Magazine's Ritchey. About the same time, last year's models go on sale to make room.
"Critical timing and seeing the patterns of the retail world can make a huge difference in appliance shopping," Ritchey says.
Bicycles and outdoor gear
Best time: January
"If you want the newest stuff, the time to look is in February and March, when the season's models come out. The stores start replacing fall and winter stuff with spring and summer models, and that's true for most all outdoor gear from shoes to bikes, hiking gear, everything," says Dennis Lewon, senior editor for Outside magazine.
Some companies will send out special holiday items that will land in the discount section after the season. "In general, most of the new products come to stores in February," Lewon says. "January is good for looking for the old models in the classic post-holiday shopping period."
Best time: January, February and March
According to Thom Dammrich, the president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the winter boat-show season is the time to get a good price on a new boat.
"The primary winter boat show season is January, February and March. Going to a boat show is the easiest way to see the latest model of boats for many manufacturers, and compare features," Dammrich says. "Also, dealers typically offer their best pricing during boat shows."
Best time: September
New model years begin appearing at dealerships in the fall, making September an ideal time to snatch up the previous year's model at a discount. By the end of the year, inventory dwindles, so acting earlier assures a determined buyer of the best selection.
Video on MSN Money

Video: Smart haggling If you'd like to pay less than retail when shopping, try these bargaining tips.
Another tip for buying a new car: "Monitor the number of days that a truck or car sits on a lot. Anytime a car or truck isn't selling well, you can get a good deal," says Phillip Reed, consumer advice editor for and a co-author of " Strategies for Smart Car Buyers."
Shop on a weekday to get the undivided attention of the sales staff and go at the end of the month when they're trying to make quotas. Be sure to go early in the morning or early in the afternoon and show up well-rested and with a full belly.
"You don't want to be hungry or tired," says Reed, who also recommends using the Internet department to broker the deal. You'll save money and skip the high-pressure negotiations in the finance and insurance office.
"Often the person who delivers the car to you isn't even a salesman but a porter. You just sign the papers, and it's done," Reed says.
Cell phones
Best time: any time
A new cell phone comes out approximately every five minutes. Obviously, that's hyperbole, but John Morris, the editor of home and entertainment coverage for, says the team reviewing cell phones can barely keep up with the steady stream of new models being offered.
"The market for cell phones doesn't follow any seasonal trend or technological advances. Also, their release schedule is dictated by carriers as well as manufacturer, which makes it a little more complicated," Morris says.
Best time: July and August
If you're shopping for a low price on a computer, buying slightly older technology can save you some money. Following the release schedule of chip makers Advanced Micro Devices and Intel will offer some clues as to when computer manufacturers will offer updates and redesigns, says CNET's Morris. Chip manufacturers turn out upgrades quickly, about every three months, with major computer manufacturers following suit.
Otherwise, a good rule of thumb to follow is to buy in the middle of the summer to take advantage of the back-to-school sales or the winter holiday markdowns.
Best times: April and May; October and November
"There are two big seasons for cookware and cookware promotions," says Hugh Rushing, executive vice president of the Cookware Manufacturers Association. "One is in the spring, in April and May, coinciding with the graduation and wedding season. The other is in October and November, with promotions in regard to the holidays."
Best times: January and July
New furniture hits the showrooms after the holidays, in February, and again in August. Jackie Hirschhaut, the vice president of public relations and marketing for American Home Furnishing Alliance, says there are two times of the year for guaranteed low prices.
"After the holidays, in January, stores have clearance sales to make room for new inventory coming in February," she says. "And in July, the same thing happens with fall inventory. For instance, it may be the same wooden frame for sofas with different upholstery in new colors for fall."
Gas grills
Best time: winter
Ritchey says that, when it comes to gas barbeque grills, timing for the best deal is the same as shopping for air conditioners.
"Most people buy in May, June and July for backyard barbecues," Ritchey says. "But wait until winter comes to buy, when demand is low."
Best time: Avoid the holidays, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day
For jewelry, it's more a matter of when not to buy if you're focused on getting the best deal possible.
"You're going to pay closer to full price around the holidays because most jewelers generate one-third of their annual revenues and almost 100% of their annual profits in those two months," says Ken Gassman, the founder and president of the Jewelry Industry Research Institute. "You're going to get great value the other eight months of the year." In general, avoid the fourth quarter, that's when most of jeweler's yearly profits are made.
Linens and bedding
Best time: January
The white sale was a marketing strategy originally devised by John Wannamaker in 1878 and it was so successful that retailers still follow his lead today. "January is kind of an industry standard," says Deb Dyer, of upscale bedding cataloger Cuddletown. "That is the time of the year when you are going to see a lot of white sales by everyone -- retailers, cataloguers, everything. Linens do come out seasonally, so you'll see new colors in stores for spring and summer and then fall and winter."
Just as with clothing, bargains can be found on the previous season's styles.
Best time: always
Is it always a good time to buy a mattress? It is if you ask Nancy Shark, the executive director of the Better Sleep Council, a consumer education project supported by the mattress industry.
Video on MSN Money

Video: Smart haggling If you'd like to pay less than retail when shopping, try these bargaining tips.
"There really isn't one best time to buy a mattress. Retailers always have sales and are always doing their own thing," she says. "The emphasis should be on looking for the best level of comfort and support within your budget. A mattress is a really personal choice based entirely on individual preference. In terms of shopping, look for store services, delivery and removal of old bedding and be sure to test out the mattress before buying."
Real estate
Best time: spring
Buying and selling season starts in March and goes through the summer. Spring invigorates the real estate market, meaning there are more homes to choose from. "In the spring market, homes look the best, grasses are green, flowers and trees are in bloom. There's a whole new energy out there after the beginning of the year," says Tom Stevens, president of the National Association of Realtors. Because spring is historically the time of the year when inventories are highest, competition is at its peak as well. Contrarian shoppers may find negotiating more to their liking in the fall and winter.
Recreational vehicles
Best time: fall and winter
The market for recreational vehicles works somewhat like that of autos.
"The model years change over like cars, so there is some special availability of the previous years product during the fall," says Phil Ingrassia, vice president of communications for the Recreational Vehicle Dealers of America. Throughout the winter there may be some show specials that dealers offer or other incentives to entice people to buy.
Best time: October and November
Retailers open up the toy chest in October and November to kick-start their moneymaking season, says Reyne Rice, a toy trend specialist of the Toy Industry Association. "This is the time of year for games and puzzles," she says. "Retailers will usually do a buy-one, get-one-free promotion."
If you're buying a gift for someone, the important thing to consider is whether it's appropriate for the recipient rather than its status as the hottest new item. "It's more important to buy something that they'll love," Rice says.
TVs and home theaters
Best time: winter holiday sales and January
For home theater items, in general, the holidays are a good time, says CNET's Morris. New TV models that were announced earlier in the year at the consumer-electronics show in January arrive in stores in August and September. They drop in price a few months after their debut as well as knocking down the price on the older models.
Vacuum cleaners
Best time: April and May
Most new vacuum models come out in June, Ritchey says. The prices on the older models start winding down as winter comes to an end, just in time for spring cleaning.
Best time: winter
Getting married during the off-season can net big savings. Demand for wedding services wanes during the very cold months -- or if you happen to be in a tropical climate, the very hot months -- and that can work to your advantage. Read " 7 ways to save on an off-season wedding" for tips on a winter wonderland wedding, or sweltering summer nuptials, as the case may be.
This article was reported and written by Sheyna Steiner for

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5/15/07 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"

Yahoo! Kills Off Photo ServiceFlickr won. That's the word from Yahoo!, where the older-style Yahoo! Photos is about to be shut down in favor of Flickr. It's an odd move, although with Photobucket growing so quickly, understandable. What will Yahoo! Photos customers do? Well they can always move to Flickr, but Yahoo!'s offering up other services as well. Check this out for more info:,1895,2125982,00.asp
Now that the price of stamps just went up you might be interested in some free address labels to save your pennies. All of the web sites below offer free address labels:
More free ice cream! Today (May 15) Haagen-Dazs is giving everyone a free scoop of their new flavors at all stores nationwide from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. Go to to find a location near you.
I hear Hancock Fabric stores are going out of business, so if there is one near you, swing by and check out their clearance items!
For a free Diet 7UP two liter bottle click on
A friend of mine is producing a new television series called Real Families, Real Answers. She's searching for families nationwide of all sizes, faiths, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, who are willing to share their life experiences. The series covers topics such as strengthening marriage, parenting, blended families, single parenting, protecting family time, dealing with loss, and more. If you or someone you know might be interested, please visit to apply.
That's it for now. Another quickie email until I finish the doggone manuscript I'm working on! Have a great week!
Sister Thrifty

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5/8/2007 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"
Hi everyone! I'm busy finishing up a manuscript for my next book, so this e-newsletter is going to be SHORT! But sweet…

I just discovered this great FREE card that could possibly save your family tons of money on prescription medications. See if you qualify for it at

My hubby's birthday is coming up soon and I discovered a great web site that lists all of the restaurants in your area that will give you a free meal or dessert on your birthday. Check out Bluebell Ice Cream company will also give you a free half gallon of ice cream on your birthday by going to

Even if it's not your birthday you can get a free ice cream cone from Dairy Queen for joining their "DQ Crew" online at

And finally, if you're busy planning a wedding this spring or summer, check out all these wedding freebies:
Free Sample of Wedding Magnets
-Free Organic Wedding Invitation Samples
-Free Samples for Brides - Join Mailing List
-Free Wedding Invitations by Dawn
-Your Weddings Registry
-Invites Galore Free Samples
-Bliss Weddings Tips and Checklists
-Free Wedding Guide
-Free Wedding Planner
-Create a Free Wedding Website
-Free Silk Rose Petals
-Free Samples from the Petal Garden
-Free Flower Petal Samples - email
-Petal Press Handmade Paper Samples
-Free Wedding Favor Samples
-Free Wine Glass Name Tags
-Now and Forever Free Invitation Samples and Catalog left side-Wedding Freebies
OD /weddingfreebies/Wedding_Freebies.htm
-Free One Year Subscription to Marriage Today
Free Brides Guide
-Free Macy's Wedding Dream Book
-Free Nancees Designs Wedding Planner
-Free Ring Sizer
-Free Wedding Planner
-Free Wedding Songs CD when You Register

That's it for this week! Gotta run!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you magnificent women out there!!!

Sister Thrifty

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4/28/07 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"

Years ago I created a big spreadsheet for all the grocery stores around town, trying to decide which store was the least expensive. Of course, the price of items changed from week to week, making one store the better deal one week and a different store less expensive the next, depending on sales. One thing I noticed was that some of the best deals to be had consistently were found at the big warehouse clubs. My favorite is Costco. A study by the Economic Research Service at the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture shows that you save a substantial amount of money shopping at warehouse clubs and Wal-Mart Supercenters. Hey, anywhere you can buy tires and cool whip is quite a store.

The study was done over a five-year period, and, on the same quantity of an item, you will save from 5 to 20 percent. As a result, those stores represent about a third of grocery store spending these days. Costo even pays cash back at the end of the year up to 2% of purchases. Alternatively, regular supermarkets use "high-low" pricing, where some items are extremely cheap and others are marked up significantly. The supermarkets tout the low, sale items in advertisements to lure you in, but they hope you'll buy the higher-priced ones when you're there. The only bad thing about the big clubhouses is you have to be able to resist some of that great stuff and be be able to control impulse buying.

What's going on with Vonage these days? People who have loved the service are upset that the company may go under. Some say it's highly likely that the company will go bust. Not only is Verizon attacking the company in court, but Vonage has also done a poor job of satisfying customers in recent months. You probably want come up with a back-up plan for when the company shuts down, and you might want o check out Sunrocket has a different business model, whereby you pay for a year up front. It's $199 a year, plus junk fees, and you get unlimited calling. It works out to about $17 a month. The one unknown is how people will port their numbers once Vonage goes bon voyage. The company won't be concerned with helping people port their numbers to another company once they've gone under. So, you probably want to make the switch now. Other VOIP services are Packet8 and Lingo. Check them out.

May 1st is National Pizza Day at Pizza Hut. They are giving away one slice of pizza (cheese or pepperoni) per person between 3 and 5pm. This is going to be nationwide, with advertisements on TV and in USA Today on May 1st.

This week's freebies features a ton of stuff for your car:

Automotive Lubricant Samples Kit from Caplugs.com Car Care Guides - Free Automotive Coupons Car Keychain for Survey of Armour All Glass or Cleaning Wipes National Corvette Museum Magnet Bottle of Dri Wash 'N Guard Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Interiors & Accessories, Inc. - Sample Request$3.htmFree Auto Carpeting Samples 2007 Fuel Economy Guide of Knight Shield Professional Car Care Products MagnaFine Auto Air Freshener More Miles Club of Speed Brite Auto Wax & Cleaner Tire Gauge Keychain for Car Ins Quote Survey Automotive Film Samples Car Air Freshener Samples Samples for Auto Body Shops Swissol 60 Page Car Care Handbook Water Washable Air Filter Oil Sample

That's it for now. Have a GREAT week!

Sister Thrifty

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4/21/07 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"

Did you all survive tax season? Whew! Would you believe that roughly 50 million Americans pay no income tax? You might assume that it's the rich who aren't paying, but you'd be surprised. If you make about $50,000, you've paid all of your taxes to the government after you've worked til April 30. If you make $100,000, you are done paying federal, state and local taxes on June 20. If you make $1 million, you're done paying August 3. So, if you look at people who make more than $100 grand, they're paying taxes at least about half of the year!
Does this week's Dow news mean anything?
Big news in the financial world is the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting an all-time record. But what is the Dow and should it make any difference to you? First of all, the Dow is not the stock market. It's a historical symbol that is not really important to regular investors. It represents the value of the 30 largest companies in the U.S. The S&P 500 is much more important in terms of financial outlook of the company. The most important thing is that you are diversified in your investments. Too often people go after one industry or what's considered the hot money trail, meaning "emerging markets." Back in the 90s, the hot thing was tech stocks. Then, we hit 2000, and people saw their stock values drop as much as 99 percent. You have to decide whether you are an investor or a gambler. A lot of people in the financial world want you to think it's too confusing or hard to figure out what to do with your money. The best thing to do is diversify: put your money in index funds, real estate, and actual gold & silver you can hold in your hands. Don't forget to keep some cash in a fire safety box somewhere in your home for emergencies too.
I just discovered this great web site where you can find free attractions anywhere in the country. Find out where to take the family for free near you or where you plan on going on vacation! Check out
Check out this article on how to save money on gasoline for your car:
There is an article in last week's Los Angeles Times that says the average person in the US consumes about 12 pounds of chocolate per year. (They haven't met some of us!) The article goes on to say that two confectioners, See's Candies and Guittard Chocolate Co. (with the support of Chocolate Manufacturers of America), are battling with the FDA to be allowed to put cheaper ingredients into their chocolate, like vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and milk protein concentrates instead of whole milk. They say it won't taste "much" different but that it wouldn't be as intense and will have a waxy taste. Who needs it? Chocolate lovers arise! Go to by April 25 and express your opinion to the FDA.
And now for some fun freebies!....
Don't forget Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's nationwide on April 25th!
Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors is holding their 31 Cent Scoop Night on May 2nd nationwide from 5 pm - 10 pm.
Free Smoothie at Smoothi King!
If you live near a Sonic you can print out this coupon for free Tater Tots Sign up your children for their Wacky Pack Birthday club and you'll get a free kid's meal for your child's birthday at

Free stuff for Troops anbd their families at
Check out the free summer camps for deployed parents at

Clinique will give you a free Purse Size Perfume Spray (US) when you send an e-card:

Free 14-Day Supply Of Nature Made Multi Complete Multivitamins
Free samples of Dove Cool Moisture shampoo & conditioner

Get a free toilet scrubber (not that you WANT to scrub the toilet) at

Free Samples of Mountain Green All Natural Laundry & Cleaning Products
That's it for today!
Have a terrific week!

Sister Thrifty

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4/18/2007 Newsletter

Hi everyone!
I'm writing for a media company that sends insider info and top selections about what's going on in the city each week onto your cell phone. For a time they're offering the service for free and they want to get as much feedback from "subscribers" as possible. I write a "channel" which is delivered 3 times per week via text message. The service is free, but normal text messaging fees from your wireless carrier might apply. There are over 70 other "channels" about various topics in 15 cities, so one of them is sure to be something you'll like! Right now our company is having a contest to see who can get the most subscribers by April 25 th. I told them I was going to win because I had so many great friends who would check it out! So… onto this link and sign up!
You can always cancel the service later if you don't like it (or when they start charging later on.) I hope you enjoy it!

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4/18/07 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"

Those lucky pennies have finally paid off...Spirit Airlines just released an incredible "one cent fare" sale. We're not kidding. You can actually fly between many U.S. cities and even the Caribbean for just a penny! Hurry -- though this sale was just announced, you must book your tickets by midnight tomorrow
(Thurs., April 19).
Do keep in mind that flights are available on very select dates April 21 - Sept. 30. You'll often find you can fly one-way for a penny but the return trip will be higher. Regardless, you'll be getting a terrific deal.
Sample one-cent fares:
Ft. Lauderdale to Cancun, Mexico ... $0.01
Ft. Lauderdale to Kingston, Jamaica ... $0.01
Atlantic City to Ft. Myers ... $0.01
Detroit to Boston ... $0.01
Detroit to New York ... $0.01
Myrtyle Beach to Detroit ... $0.01 Travelzoo Tip: Due to a high volume of traffic the booking engine may taking longer than usual to load.
For a complete list of fares and to book online
Spirit Airlines
* Terms/Conditions:1 cent and $8 fares must be booked on between 10:00 AM ET on April 18, 2007 and 11:59 PM ET on April 19, 2007 for travel on the dates as specified by individual market and by market direction. Fares are for Deluxe Leather class travel and reflect the discount. Fares are each way based on roundtrip purchase, and roundtrip travel is required, but these fares may be combined with other valid and applicable Spirit Airlines fares on other days of the week. Three (3) Million Seat claim is based on the number of seats available at a $9 discount to the generally available selling price at the Spirit Airlines Reservations Center only for fares for travel April 22, 2007 to February 13, 2008 and when booked on All fares listed on are per customer for each way of travel and include the base fare plus a federal excise tax. Fares do not include (a) a segment tax of $3.40 per U.S. domestic flight segment (a flight segment is defined as one takeoff and landing) of a passenger's itinerary; (b) up to $18 per round trip in local airport charges; or (c) a September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per enplanement originating at a U.S. airport. International itineraries do not include governmental taxes and fees (including U.S. government excise tax) of up to $125 per round trip. Additionally, if sold in, or travel originates in a country outside of the U.S., additional taxes may apply (up to 22% of the fare value per country). Fares are capacity controlled and subject to availability, and will be highly restricted around certain holiday periods. Previously purchased tickets may not be exchanged for these new sale fares. Certain restrictions apply. For best results, please book early. .

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4/11/2007 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"
Hi gang!
The kids are on Spring Break this week, so this newsletter will be short and sweet:
Google has released a new product called Goog-411, which is a free telephone based information service that could replace toll 411 calls. This is great if you are driving around and want to call ahead to make a reservation at a restaurant or something. By calling the toll free number from your cell phone, you say the business you are looking for and they will connect you for free. There are many people who are not into computers or the Internet, but they make a lot of long distance calls. So, how can you get unlimited long distance calling without using Internet telephony? There is a gadget called the "Chatterbug" that hooks into your phone jack and it is always $9.95 a month. You don't need a computer or any other lines or wires. All you need is the jack. If you have questions, you can call customer service at 866-690-3919. Lots of retirees have two homes. You're allowed to register two addresses and you never pay more than $9.95 a month as long as you take the device with you to each place.
Tuesday, April 17 - 12:00 Noon - 8:00 p.m. is Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day! Every year two real guys named Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield celebrate the first anniversary of their ice cream shop by giving away free ice cream as a way to say Thank You to their customers. This year, over 350 Ben & Jerry's shops around the country will celebrate Free Cone Day. To find a location near you click on
The YMCA is also making April 17 special by celebrating health and wellness of young people through a variety of fun, physical activities. YMCA Healthy Kids Day encourages kids and their families nationwide to stay active, connected and healthy. The YMCA Healthy Kids Day event is celebrated annually. Activities at participating YMCAs will vary and may include games, sports, health screenings and more.
Not to be outdone, throughout the month of April, get 2 knives sharpened for free at your local Sur La Table.
Bath and Body Works is having The Ultimate Beauty Cravings Event on April 14 from 9-11 a.m. Pamper yourself while sampling the best products and learning tips and tricks from our own beauty experts. You'll receive complimentary breakfast treats and a Free gift (over a $20 value) just for attending. For more info check out
Have a WONDERFUL week!
Sister Thrifty

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April 2, 2007 Newsletter

"Deals that are nifty by Sister Thrifty"

Happy Easter!!
The Easter Bunny wanted me to give you this special gift for Easter…a $10 gift certificate for Ted's Montana Grill, just for being you! Hopefully you have one near you so you can enjoy this!
And now for a few items to help you and the Easter Bunny be ready for this Sunday:
$1 coupon on any Wonka Golden Egg Product for Easter

Free Personalized Letter From The Easter Bunny

$1.50 coupons for Hershey's Easter Candy.

Ashley Cardell: Free Godiva Chocolate Pearls (US &Canada)

15 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas
1. Hidden Easter Basket Clues:
When your children get up on Easter morning don't just let them search for their Easter basket- give them a plastic egg with a clue inside. This should lead them to another plastic egg, which leads to another and so on, until finally leading them to their basket. Use up to about a dozen eggs per child. They'll have so much fun they'll almost be disappointed when they get to the basket at the end. When they get older have them make up clues for each other.
2. Hidden Easter Basket Spider Web:
While your children are sleeping, hide their Easter baskets in the house and tie a long string to each one. Loop the strings throughout the whole house, around and over and under furniture so it looks like a huge tangled spider web eventually leading to their rooms. Tie the end of each string to the doorknob of the child whose basket it's attached to, so when they come out of their rooms on Easter morning they can follow their own string throughout the house to find their Easter basket. Place some extra treats along the way to make it extra fun.
3. Odd or Even Egg Hunt:
For this game you must write ODD or EVEN numbers on each egg. When the kids are lined up for the egg hunt give each an odd or even number assignment. They can only get eggs in their assignment
4. Math Egg Hunt:
Hide plastic eggs with numbers in them, ranging from maybe 1 to 5 then, limit the children to how many they can find, like maybe 6 or something then after they're all found, total up the numbers that are in their eggs and the one with the highest number wins a prize. Have candy in the plastic eggs too, so that everybody will end up with something
5. Color- Coded toys:
Hide small toys inside plastic eggs. If your gifts are child exclusive ( such as Matchbox car for a boy or Barbie accessories for a girl) give them a special color egg to find. If they find colors not intended for them, they must be quite about it, and they'll think they are in on a special secret.
6.Secret Prizes:
Hide plastic Easter eggs with little notes inside, telling what the prize is. It can be in the form of a poem or just a clue (like this hippety hop). Buy little items such as candy eggs, toys, or little stuffed bunnies or chicks for prizes. Make sure everyone gets at least one prize.
7. Secret Notes:
Put little notes in plastic eggs. Things like "You have to give Aunt Mary a big hug" or "You get to take a piece of candy out of Andys basket" or "You must do one favor for uncle Tom". Have some prize eggs too that have numbers inside which match a gift.
8. Designated Color Egg Hunt:
Keep your egg hunt equal for all of the kids by painting ONE color of egg child. At the start of the hunt, give each child a different colored egg for their basket. Tell them this is the color that they're supposed to hunt for (any other colors don't count) and also the number of eggs that are hidden. The first child to find their eggs wins a special prize.
9. Find Your Name Egg Hunt:
Before your party write each person's name on one egg. The person that finds their first wins a prize.
10. Winning Numbers Egg Hunt:
Fill plastic eggs with small toys, temporary tattoos, stickers and wrapped candies for the hunt. Along with plastic eggs, hide a few real colored eggs. These eggs should have numbers painted on them and whoever finds one can exchange it for the corresponding numbered prize (stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies, Easter books ,etc.
11. Checklist Egg Hunt:
For large Easter Egg Hunts, make checklists for each child. Give each child a basket with a checklist and pencil in it and instruct the kids to find ONLY what is on their checklist and no more, otherwise someone else would be without enough. Make all of the checklist the same for each child and make sure you have enough eggs hidden so that everyone can complete theirs. You can have a grand prize too, for whichever child completes his checklist first by finding all of the items on it the fastest! The checklists could read something like this. ___Find 2 blue eggs___Find 3 pink eggs___Find 1 yellow egg___Find 2 orange eggs___Find 4 purple eggs___Find 3 green eggs
12. Indoor Egg Hunt:
Is rain going to ruin your Easter egg hunt? Just hide jelly beans inside the house and have your adults or kids hunt for them. Depending on the egg of the participants you can make the hunt easy or hard. Ever try and see a black jelly bean on a black object? Have fun!!
13. Night-time Egg Hunt:
For older kids (or adults), try an egg hunt in the dark! Give everyone a cheap flashlight to look for their eggs. Or try a glow in the dark egg hunt and paint every egg with glow in the dark paint.
14. Reverse Egg Hunt:
Have your children make at least five eggs each and hide them around the house. When they are done hiding them, the parents look for them and the child whose egg is found last wins a prize.
15. Treasure Map Egg Hunt:
Make up treasure maps for your egg hunt. Draw the maps to scale with each tree, bush and flower on the map and let the children plot out the hiding spots of all the eggs they find on their maps. Or you can plot the hiding spots on the maps when you hide the eggs –then give a copy of the map to each of the children and let them go to town finding the eggs by using the map. Obviously, this works out best if you are using large area for your egg hunt.
Have a GREAT Easter!

Sister Thrifty

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