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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: November 2005

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

Great Steals and Deals around town and online to save you the big bucks and help you keep more of your hard-earned money!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanksgiving shopping

Hi everyone!
Only a few more days until the turkeys aren't the only ones who are stuffed!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We all have much to be thankful for.
Here's a clever guy we can thank: Mr. Steve Kirsch, a 48-year old philantropist and founder of the search engine Infoseek, has filed 44 small claims, has won judgments totaling about $100,000, and collected about $25,000. He has also created a web site, detailing various legal strategies to stop junk faxing.
Here are some on-line shopping deals we can be thankful for: save 30% Promotional code: FDGGNMCS02BV save 30% off Promotional code: F70SQ8TCDS7N save 20% off Promotional code: BBB1FDZ66CLC 12% off coupon
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Disney Shopping 10% off coupon
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America) 55120 Nov 30

Macys $10 off $100 coupon
Receive $10 off your online order of $100 or more PRES10 Nov 21

Circuit City $20 Gift Card Coupon
Just click & you'll receive a $20 gift card with your online order of $299
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Home Depot 10% off $297 coupon - Appliances
Just click & you'll receive 10% off your online appliance order of $297 or
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Dicks Sporting Goods $15 off $100 coupon
Receive $15 off your online order of $100 or more (some exclusions apply;
see site) DSPAFF_15 Nov 30

Walmart $0.97 Shipping Coupon - Toys & Video Games
Just click & you'll pay $0.97 flat rate shipping on select toys & video
games (without coupon, shipping starts at $2.74) Dec 31

Target 10% off coupon
Receive 10% off your entire online order (excludes: gift cards, Bose,, and personalized giftts, a CouponCabin exclusive) TCADVCBN
Dec 31

Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping Coupon
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Valid Anytime
The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. Be careful out there driving! Check out to find out about shopping deals in stores near you for the big shopping weekend. And remember, the best Christmas presents come from the heart - not the shopping mall.
Sister Thrifty

Thursday, November 17, 2005

So. Cal freebie

Hi girls!
Here's quickie and a GREAT freebie offered by Sherm Watkins in the Carlsbad
If you know of anyone who may need a 20 foot refrigerator/freezer, gas dryer, and/ or washing machine there is one of each available FOB my driveway. It's cheaper to give them away than move them. I'll need to know by next Monday.
Sherm Watkins

Sister Thrifty

Sunday, November 13, 2005

43 Days til Christmas!

Hi everyone!
I was in a store yesterday that had a big sign posted saying "43 Days Til Christmas!" Yikes! The shopping frenzy has begun! But if you're not excited about spending more gas money, trying to find the right shopping mall (or a parking place for that matter!) you may want to consider purchasing on-line this year. It's quite safe and extremely convenient.
Check out these coupon web sites where you can get discount codes to save
money before you go to a store's web site to purchase:
If you're excited about all those Christmas crafts you now have an excuse to
make be sure to use this promotion code for free shipping at
If you just love to hear the Christmas music and feel the hustle bustle of the season, you don't want to pass up this rare coupon for 25% off at
Deseret Book that's good through November 19th You can use it in-store, online,
or in the
call center.
And if you're not even thinking about Christmas shopping yet because you're overcome with grief that you just ruined your last good nylon stockings, then I have something for you too! Gee, talk about really STRETCHING that dollar....Check out these creative uses for nylons:
1. Cut off the nylon leg that has a snag, rip, or tear. Save the good leg to use as a one-legger. Two one-legger nylons makes one good pair of hosiery.
Just make certain you are wearing two of the same shade. Hey, I didn't say these were classy tips, just creative!
2. Once those one-leggers have rips in them save them for homemade stuffing of toys or even pillows.
3. Use nylons to make the head on a homemade doll or puppet.
4. Nylons make a great buffing material for shoes. My husband uses them all the time to buff his dress shoes.
5. Put shoes inside one-leggers to protect shoes while traveling.
6. Store onions in them. You can tie a knot between each onion. When you need an onion, just snip one off the bottom.
7. Cut the nylon into strips and use to tie tomato stalks to stakes.
8. Instead of throwing out small soap scraps or slivers, toss them into a nylon leg. After accumulating these you have a great soap scrubber for the shower.
9. If you don’t want to wait until you have enough soap slivers, take a bar of soap and place it into the nylon leg. Tie a knot in the nylon on either side of the soap bar leaving a little extra nylon on both sides to hold onto while in the bath or shower. If you leave a long enough nylon "handle," you can even use the scrubber on your back.
10. To solve the problem of children washing their muddy hands inside, place some soap in an old nylon and tie it around faucets outside in your yard.
You can now wash your hands after gardening, walking the dog, and playing or working outside.
11. Cut your nylons into small pieces. These work great with nail polish remover to clean your nails.
I know, now you all want to race to your nylon drawers and start cutting
them up. ark
Have a great week and be good to each other out there!
Sister Thrifty

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Black Friday

Hi everyone!
I just discovered where you can check out store's ads before all of the other customers know about them. They have a cool "Black Friday" section where you can find out what items will be going on sale on the most popular shopping day of the year (the day after Thanksgiving) to begin your shopping strategy. You can also enter your e-mail address and they'll notify you when a particular store is going to run a sale! Very cool!
I also wanted to tell you about a great online shopping site that pays you cash back whenever you shop online (up to 25%!). It’s called Ebates, and it has most every name brand store you’d want to shop at, including Barnes & Noble, the Gap, Target, Dell, and Expedia. They actually have over 800 stores, so I bet your favorites are there. If you’re going to buy anything on-line this year for Christmas, you should definitely sign up with Ebates!
(It's free)
They also list tons of great coupons, free shipping deals, and sales from the stores, so you can stay on top of ways to save even more. You can check them out on the site or sign up for their weekly newsletter to have them alert you to any new deals. The best part is that they’ve got a sign-up bonus that’ll pay both of us $5 if you join from this referral and buy anything through the site. After you sign up and buy something, they’ll put
the $5 in each of our accounts and include it in our next "Big Fat Check".
Visit the following URL (it's a big one) for us both to get the FREE $5!
You may have heard of a web site called It was complaint site for cell phone users and got very popular over only a few short months. Consumer Reports has decided to change and expand the site, however, and its new name is . The site is now a clearinghouse for complaints about TV & radio, Internet connections and, of course, phones. So, tell others about your experience. Knowledge is power!
Minute clinics open up nationwide
Where do you go when you have the sniffles or you have a sore throat? Right now, you probably have to book an appointment at a doctor’s office. But that can be a hassle because sometimes it’s hard to get an appointment or you have to wait quite a while to be seen. Well, Target, Wal-Mart and CVS hope to have the answer for you. Several newspapers report that the emergency clinics "Minute Clinic" and "Take Care" are opening numerous locations around the country. The idea is that people can walk into one of these stores and they have almost immediate medical care. The visits, which start at $25, include such things as flu shots, school physicals and strep tests.
The clinics are open at the same time as the store pharmacy, so the companies are hoping you fill your prescriptions there too. That is where they make their money. So, it’s a win-win for everyone. The fear, of course, is that with no doctor present – only general medical professionals – a patient could be misdiagnosed, but it still opens up health care options for those who might not have been able to afford it before.
Alrighty, that's probably enough for today.....I don't want my e-newsletters to be too long because I know you have more important things to do, like get out there and save money! :) Have a terrific day and God bless our Veterens this Veterens Day. (November
Sister Thrifty

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