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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: June 2005

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

Great Steals and Deals around town and online to save you the big bucks and help you keep more of your hard-earned money!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Government Auctions

Hi everyone!
Summer time and the shopping is easy....gee, isn't that a song? Every week we add a few more new thrifty neighbors to this distribution list. Welcome!
The more of us there are here, the more shopping steals and deals we're going to find out about together! Keep sending me your great tips!
You’ve probably seen the pitches on the Internet and late night TV about how to get rich through government auctions. They sound so exciting, but all these people want to do is take your money. There are some legitimate sites, however. Consumer Reports’ newsletter, "Money Advisor," lists the sites at federal and state auctions. The best part is that they are free. You have to do a little digging at these sites, but you can find some great deals. Are you going to get a Porsche for $50? Not likely. What happens is there is government minimum set on the items, which are typically seized or foreclosed items. If that bid is not reached, the organization can reject all of the offers and the bidding starts again. Check out
Another place to get some free government information is at You can get pamphlets on all kinds of stuff from
medical drug interactions, living trusts, government auto auctions, arthritis, choosing cellular service, ID theft and tons more.
Shopping around for a good dental plan? Check out where you can compare companies that offer plans in your zip code. Sweet!
It seems that every day we become more vulnerable to identity theft. The most recent story occurred in Nevada, where some criminals broke into a driver’s license office and stole a bunch of computers. The computers contained names, ages, dates of birth, photographs and signatures of Nevada residents. The state Department of Motor Vehicles told the media that it was not a concern because the information was encrypted. But that turned out not to be true. The computer vender, which is used by 37 other states, admitted they did not encrypt information. So, who knows what the criminals will do with that information, especially since they also took 1,700 driver’s license blanks, laminate covers and the state seal. Other companies that have fouled up people’s records include Choicepoint, Lexus Nexus and Bank of America. Someone needs to be done because these outfits have been operating free of oversight and penalty. The most proactive states – California and Texas – allow residents to freeze access to their credit. Retailers and banks are scared to death of the laws in California and Texas, and that is what it’s going to take to whip them into shape.
And finally, if you like buying clothes, the perfect situation is coming your way. For years, there were quotas on how much clothing one country could send to another. But that went away in recent years and, since then, the amount of clothing coming into the U.S. is up 550 percent. The Communist Chinese clothing makers have the most efficient system and the oversupply of clothes is mind boggling. Stores are figuratively flooded with clothes, so the savings will be passed on to shoppers in the States. You may not notice it yet, but clothing is becoming a smaller and smaller portion of our budget because prices are so low.
Enjoy that sunshine and remember to use sunscreen! (You can get free samples at pharmacies, dermatologists' offices & pediatricians' check out
Sister Thrifty

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Hi all!
School is out in almost every state now....let the summer adventures begin!
If you need to book a cheap hotel with the kids while on vacation you might want to check out Best Western. If give them the promotion code "SUMMER"
then you can earn a $50 Nickolodean travel card for staying 5 nights between now and September! The card can be used at over 4,100 hotels in over 80
countries and works like cash. Check out or
call 1-800-WESTERN.
A friend of mine travels to Hawaii from California twice a month and I asked him how he can afford all those airfare prices? He said he gets a travel agency IN Hawaii to book his round trip tickets and he saves a ton of money, plus no state tax. Just do a search to find a travel agency in Hawaii. I think he said he uses Hawaiin Travel (such a clever name, eh?)
Speaking of travel, one web site I like a lot is because it's just a bunch of regular folks giving their opinions on hotels, restaurants, and travel locations that you might be considering. They share their experiences so you can get a feel for what a company or place is
REALLY like. I also like because you can get an
easy-to-read spreadsheet on prices for hotels, car rentals and airfare.
This is a very reputable company so you can feel pretty safe making reservations there and they're almost always the cheapest.
In San Diego News:
If you have a Lego Land annual pass you can get into "The Wave" waterpark in Vista for FREE from June 11-25!!!
Deana Rosell is looking for someone who would love to take a really nice woman's suit off of her hands. The set is charcoal gray, has never been worn, and includes a jacket, pants and skirt. I think it's a size 14, but I'm not absolutely sure - sorry. If you or someone you know is interested, please call Deana at 918-6929.
Be sure to hit the beach before Red Tide is over. Go at night and you'll see the water glow florescent green! Very cool. Jiggle your hands in the sand and you'll see sparks of green in the sand too!
By the way, did any of you feel that 5.6 earthquake this morning (Sunday)???? Use that as a gentle reminder to get your family's emergency preparedness supplies in order.....
Until next time, have a wonderful day!
Sister Thrifty

Monday, June 06, 2005


Hi everyone!
BREAKING NEWS!!! (Unfortunately, it isn't good either)
CitiFinancial, the consumer finance division of Citigroup Inc., said today it has begun notifying some 3.9 million U.S. customers that computer tapes containing information about their accounts -- including Social Security numbers and payment histories -- have been lost. Citigroup, which is based in New York, said the tapes were lost by the courier UPS Inc. in transit to a credit bureau. Jeez Louise! If you have an account with CitiFinancial you'll want to find out what you need to do about your account. Yikes.
Father's Day and graduations are just around the corner. Here are a few thrifty shopping ideas for gifts:
LLBean has free shipping until the end of July, which comes in hand for their giant summer sale of 20-60% off!
For Tupperware deals check out
FranklinCovey is having their biggest sale of the year as well, where you
can save over 50% at You can even get
free shipping if you spend $99 or more.
If you are going to buy items on-line I wanted you to know about sales tax.
Who can charge you sales tax and who can't when you're in cyberspace? State laws exist and vary from state to state.
A merchant must charge sales taxes to customers if they have established offices in your state. For example if the merchant has an office in California and you reside in California then you must be charged the cyber shopping sales tax. For the most part you will have to wait and see if the state sales tax appears in your total order. But you should be aware of this especially if you are making a purchase on a big ticket item!
Well, that's it for today. Have a great one! ;)
Sister Thrifty

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Office sale

Hi gang!
Nuts! I just realized that the attachment I sent on the last newsletter never made it. If you're interested in the items from the sale of that business, see the list below.
I also wanted to share two great tips from Cassie Bizzigotti that can save $$$ on date night!
Costco sells Regal cinemas (a parent company of several local theaters) tickets for 6.99 each - just fifty cents more than a kids ticket! The tickets are good any day, including opening day of new movies! So, save some money that way and take your tickets to the Edwards Stadium theater in San Marcos and you can save more money because you can now take any food that you buy from the food court area (Rubio's, Coldstone, etc....) across the parking lot right into the movies! No more spending $4 for a drink! The
Rubio's manager told me this last week. Have fun at the movies!!! Thanks
Cassie. Keep all your great money-saving steals and deals coming!
Items for sale:
7 Blonde Woodgrain Desks and Table Extensions some with drawers -Great for
office, sewing, crafts, tools, etc
3 5’
2 4’
2 6’
6 Steel "gym or school" lockers 2 with 6 units, 3 with 2 units
2 Coat Racks on wheels
1 Conference table with 6 chairs
4 Executive chairs – grey/black fabric
1 HON Lateral File (5 Drawer) 42W x 68H
2 Steel Storage Cabinets 36W x 78H x 18D
8 Oak laminated bookshelves – 36W x 84H x 12D
6 Bookshelves of various sizes and colors
2 L-Shaped Work Station/4 Drawers
1 Segmented break room table and 8 stacking chairs
1 Water Cooler
1 Toaster Oven
1 Flavia Coffee Maker
3 Freezers 5.5 cu. Ft. – 33"H
2 GE Refrigerators/Freezers 18 cu. ft.
1 Large Metal Desk (6 ft)
1 Steel Flammable Storage Cabinet 4 x 5 x 1.5
1 Steel Flammable Storage Cabinet 32 x 65 x 32
Plus miscellaneous office and desk supplies, waste baskets, etc.
Contact Sterling Johnson at 760-496-0421 or
Happy June!!
Sister Thrifty

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