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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: Hotels

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

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Monday, May 30, 2005


Hi everyone!
I just got back from a fun business trip out of town and wanted to share some quick travel tips that really paid off for me. Whenever I fly I try to be the first one at the gate so I can be the first passenger to volunteer my seat in case the flight is full. Of course, you should only offer your seat if you're schedule is flexible and you don't mind being bumped to the next flight. On really popular flights I've earned free tickets as well as cash and merchandise. Well, I didn't get bumped on my flights this time, BUT I got upgraded to First Class because I was the only person who had volunteered without being asked and they needed to make room in Coach for some Stand-By passengers. Woohoo!!! I must say, life is goooood in First Class. :)
Whenever I stay at hotels I make sure I enroll in their frequent guest program. Pretty much any hotel you'd consider staying at has one and even some smaller hotels and Bed & Breakfasts are getting programs now. It's free to join and you can do it by phone or on-line rather quickly and painlessly. Because I was considered a "special" guest at the hotel where I stayed I was invited to a really nice coctail party with the manager (great free food) and was upgraded to a nicer room on the 44th floor which then allowed me entry into the hospitality suite for free breakfasts with people who paid much more for their rooms than I did! Woohoo!
Remember that web site I told you about awhile ago where you earn free dinners just for making reservations at restaurants (and eating at them)??
I didn't want to spend all my time on the phone trying to find out who had openings for dinner so I just clicked on to where I saw a little spreadsheet of where and when I could eat. I picked my restaurant and made a reservation in a snap. Within seconds the restaurant had my reservation and I earned points toward my next free dinner at the restaurant of my choice. This service is FREE! You'll find restaurants all over the country, which is really helpful when you're dining out of town and unfamiliar with where to go. Realize, places like Denny's and McDonalds are NOT on this web's a listing of nicer, more expensive restaurants.
The site will allow you to click on the restaurant you're considering to learn more about it and even take you to their web page. Wonderful service.
For local San Diegans, attached to this e-mail is a list of items that are for sale by Renee Johnson whose husband is selling a company. For more information call 760-496-0421 and ask for either Renee or Sterling.
If you need someone reliable to clean your home call Rosemary Jackett at 579-8565. She has 25 years experience, good references, does an excellent job and is looking to expand her business from Orange County to North County.
And finally, check your area to see if it is offering this free opportunity entitled "The Cool Community Shade Tree Program." As part of a grant through SDG&E, all homeowners in San Diego County are eligible to receive up to 5 free shade trees. There are up to 24 different trees to choose from, ranging in sizes from a 20 ft. Crape Myrtle, to a 35 ft. Mimosa Silk, to a 50 ft. Live Oak. Trees need to be planted appropriately near your home to provide shade. The trees come in 15 gallon containers (about 6' tall) and with two stakes and bands to secure. All information and procedures can be down-loaded at: or on Google look up
"Cool Community Shade Tree Program". The two page application is located
on pages 13 and 14 of the program booklet.
Step 1 Read the booklet.
Step 2 Complete the two page application, including the map showing where you will plant the tree.
Step 3 You must attend a tree planting and care class for about 1.5 hours at a local park Step 4 Depending on your timing and location, either you pick up the trees at a local nursery or they will delivery them to you.
Step 5 Plant your beautiful new trees and deep water them with care. You
can also receive a hard-copy version of the booklet and application by calling 1-888-831-8620.
Alrighty, that's it for today. It's always so much fun to get away and go
out of town, but then again, there's no place like home! I hope you had a
wonderful Memorial Day!!!
Sister Thrifty


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