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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: Bad Business

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bad Business

Hi everyone!
When you watch the Today Show or other "news programs" on TV, you probably expect the experts on those shows to be unbiased and unbought, right? Well, the Wall Street Journal found, after several months of digging, that many of these experts are basically paid mouthpieces. TV stations have to "fill the beast" with news content and they always need filler. Unfortunately, they don’t ask a lot of questions and these "news" items are really advertorials.
The Journal found that many big companies are paying people with some name recognition to go on these shows and praise their products. Companies include Kodak, Atari, Microsoft, Mattel, LeapFrog and Radio Shack are all paying for impartial product reviews. One "expert" who appeared recently on the Today Show to talk about new gadgets had been paid by eight of the companies he praised. It severely hurts the reputation of the show when news like this is published. The shows need to label themselves as "Entertainment," not "News" if they are going to continue to do this!
Wanna know what small business make the most money? The following "mundane"
businesses, as the New York Times calls them, made people the most money over the past five years: landscaping, child care, janitorial services, nail salons and hair salons. Those five have been the biggest money makers in the
small business arena, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Now you know.

Check out where you can find out about some of the biggest scams and ripoffs going these days. You can also get help on their web site for filing complaints and reports to let others know about a bad company you may have had the misfortune of doing business with. It's kind of like the Better Business Bureau, but with an attitude! Start blowing your whistle!
Camber Hardy wants you all to know that the San Diego Symphony offers free tours at Copley Hall. Check out
In local Carlsbad news:
Rosemary Tobler needs to move soon and is trying to find someone to take over her lease:
Cute single story house in gated community close to beach.
"Harbor Point" neighborhood off of Paseo del Norte, free-standing detached home, $1850/month.
Fireplace, 2 bedroom, 2 bath (aprox.1600 sq. ft.), new flooring, granite countertops, new stove.
Low maintenance yard, will accept pets. Detached garage with Loft area for
lots of storage.
Availiable immediately. Please call Rosemary at 760 579-8565.
A sister in the Oceanside 1st ward has a room (or two) for rent. It is in the Avalon condo area, upstairs, and she does have a dog. It could be for a female student, an older sister, possibly even a single mom with a child.
Rent would be about $550/month, but negotiable. Her name is Linda Smith,
email:, phone 760-529-0870.
Also Trish Bradley still needs a job as an elderly care taker, or as a nanny. She has great references and is very loving and kind. Her phone number is 760-754-2985. She has a drivers licence but no car. She knows the bus system well.
Ok doky. That's it for today. Enjoy this beautiful weather...while it lasts! It's supposed to start raining again this weekend.
Sister Thrifty


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