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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: Cell phones

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Cell phones

Hi everyone!
It's finally spring break around here!! Woohooo!!!
You may have heard that MCI is going out of business. The news was all over the financial press this last week and it seems to be just another step in the recent evolution of telephone communication and long distance calling.
AT&T was once the most powerful company in the nation. Today, the company no longer exists except as a name. A few years ago, people started making long distance calls in non-traditional ways such as through Internet calls or on their cell phones. There is a transformation going on in this business, and you need to get with the program. If you still have long distance with Sprint, AT&T or MCI, you are throwing money away. These companies convince us that we need to spend tons on long distance when it actually costs nothing to make those calls. If you have a cell phone with long distance and you make occasional calls, that is really all you need. But if you must have long distance, there are many other options that are just as good:
* 3.9 cents per minute state-to-state calls. No monthly
fee or minimum. New
customers get 100 free minutes.
* No monthly fee or minimum usage. Interstate calls are
between 3.3 and 4
cents a minute. Members get $5 in free calls to other BRW members each month.
* 3.9 cents a minute with a 6 second billing. There
could be a charge if you
don't use their "autopay" plan.
* 2.9 cents a minute for state-to-state calls. There is
a 95 cent monthly service
fee if you pay by credit card and slightly higher if you pay by check.
No fee if you pay on-line.
* 2.5 cents if you use a local access number, 2.9 cents
otherwise. No monthly fee.
* 2.9 cents for state-to-state calls & other Pioneer members.
Consider this plan only
if you make more than $25 in calls each month or else you're charged a "low usage fee."
Now seriously, folks, do you have another girlfriend who gives you such useful information????
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Sister Thrifty


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