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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: Box Tops

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Box Tops

Hi everyone!
You've probably clipped those pink box tops for your children's school as a simple fundraiser, right? They have a great web site for the parent volunteers who are in charge of that program, but anyone can click on to their home page and take advantage of the special coupons, cooking ideas, and more that is offered each month. Go to

Here is a money and sanity saver idea from Julie Grow:
Gavin's brother has created a SPAM free e-mail service, it's really a great deal, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to forward this information on to the people on your mailing list. It is a money saver for those who can't stand all the pop ups and extra e-mails from you don't know who. Thank you so much for your help.
Are you sick and tired of receiving SPAM? So am I !! My Brother-in-law has created an e-mail service which is 100% SPAM Free. Each e-mail is also scanned so that you won't have any more virus mishaps. Yes, there is a little cost of $1.49/month for the Basic Plan. The Premium Account has different features, one of them which I enjoy is the Calendar Sharing.
Gavin and I are able to fill in our appointments for the month, then, each of us can look at or even modify each other's calendar from within our own account. At any time, I can view his calendar when I'm logged into my account. With this feature you can also synchronize your Outlook address book and calendar, with your address book and calendar online.
In order to find out more about this, please visit the site below

And finally...not a thrifty tip, but a patriotic one written by a battalion chaplain in Iraq:
As a transportation battalion, my unit will be delivering the voting machines and the ballots to villages and cities throughout Iraq during the upcoming elections. (January 30/31) Our convoys are prime targets for the insurgents because they do not want the equipment to arrive at the polling stations nor do they want the local Iraqi citizens to have the chance to vote; timely delivery must occur so that the elections occur. Encourage your friends and family members and those within our churches to pray specifically for the electoral process. Historically, the previous totalitarian regime would not allow individual citizens to vote.
Democracy will not be realized in Iraq if intelligent and competent officials are not elected to those strategic leadership positions within the emerging government; freedom will not have an opportunity to ring throughout this country if the voting process fails.
Announce this prayer request to your contacts throughout your churches, neighborhoods, and places of business. Those with leadership roles within the local church post this message in as many newsletters and bulletins as possible. There is unlimited potential for God's presence in this process but if we do not pray then our enemy will prevail (See Ephesians 6:10-17) A prayer vigil prior to the end of the month may be an innovative opportunity for those within your sphere of influence to pray. This is a political battle that needs spiritual intervention. A powerful story about God's intervention in the lives of David's mighty men is recorded in 2 Samuel 23:8-33. David and his warriors were victorious because of God's intervention. We want to overcome those who would stand in the way of freedom. David's mighty men triumphed over incredible odds and stood their ground and were victorious over the enemies of Israel. (Iraqi insurgents'
vs God's praying people). They don't stand a chance.
I will pray with my soldiers before they leave on their convoys and move outside our installation gates here at Tallil. My soldiers are at the nerve center of the logistic operation to deliver the voting machines and election ballots. They will be driving to and entering the arena of the enemy.
This is not a game for them it is a historical mission that is extremely dangerous. No voting machines or ballots. No elections. Your prayer support and God's intervention are needed to give democracy a chance in this war torn country. Thank you for reading this e-mail. Please give this e-mail a wide dissemination.
Thank you for your prayer support for me and my family. Stand firm in your battles.
Blessings, Lyle
CH (CPT) Lyle Shackelford
Battalion Chaplain
HHD, 57th Transportation Battalion
Providing With Mobility
"Keep Em Moving"

Have a wonderful day!
Sister Thrifty


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