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Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty: Megan's Law

Deals That Are Nifty by Sister Thrifty

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Megan's Law

Not really Christmasy news, but very good news indeed.....the California Department of Justice has recently unveiled a new web site providing information on the more than 63,000 registered sex offenders throughout the state. This site allows the public for the first time to use the internet to look up information that was only previously available by going to the
Sherriff's office and asking to see it in person. You used to only be able
to see a little dot on a street, telling you an offender lived somewhere around there, but now you get an actual photo, description and details of the offense! I looked up my neighborhood within 3/4 of a mile and wouldn't you know that a man who had committed lewd acts upon children lives a couple
blocks from an elementary school. #$!@#$! (That's the sound of me punching
his lights out.) The intent of this info is not for citizens to dish out
their own justice on these criminals, however, but to simply be informed and know how to better protect themselves and their families. Hmmm...maybe that is a Christmas present afterall.
Now, on to happier, Christmasier thoughts...
With the purchase of a $25 Gift Card, you will receive a 16 oz. bottle of their famous salad dressing at Pat & Oscar's! You can also buy their yummy
dressing at Costco now. mmmmm Check out the local newspaper for a coupon
for a free bag of breadsticks. Yea! You can also get a free bag if you sign up for their "Breadstick Club" at
President Hinkley is going to be on Larry King Live on Sunday, December 26 at 6:00 pm (check TV listing for correct time.)
The San Diego Blood Bank is dangerously low on blood supplies during the holidays and is holding blood drives all over town. If you have a minute or two in between all of your errands, run over to the Souplantation by the Carlsbad Mall on Thursday, December 23rd in the morning where the BloodMobile will be. Not only will you be helping people in your community, but you'll get a free dinner pass at Souplanation, a free Whalewatching expedition ticket, t-shirt, and all the free juice & cookies you can consume
to get your blood sugar levels back to normal after donating! :) Any time
you'd like to find a donation site in your area just call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.
It'll be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give this Christmas.
After all of the holiday parties you may be ready to just dial the phone for dinner....
Is ordering pizza a bargain? It can be! Of all of the amazing breakthrough stories done at the Wall Street Journal, this is a big one. The newspaper decided to document haggling experiences at some of the traditional pizzas chains as well as a couple of the local shops. The Journal reported that if you ask for a discount on the pizza, 80 percent of the time you will get it.
It’s an unwritten law that you can get a markdown, but most people don’t know it. The demand for pizza is elastic, meaning it’s an impulse buy. So, pizza companies are willing to work with you. Secondly, how often are the deliveries on time and how do restaurants get the order wrong? The most common length of time for delivery was one hour. The 30-minute delivery thing seems to be over. And some shops now charge a delivery fee. So, it’s best to pick it up yourself. If you go to pick it up, it’s hotter and fresher. And you can more easily work a discount. So, don’t be afraid to try and work them down.
That's it for today. Only a few shopping hours until Santa comes....good luck out there!
Sister Thrifty


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