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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hi everyone!
When you care enough to send the very best, but still want to save money, go to and you can send FREE e-cards! :)
I just had a TERRIBLE experience with and do NOT recommend them!
San Diego area subscribers:
Good news: IKEA will treat you to a free lunch if you bring in one foot of
newspaper to recycle when you visit their store!
Terrible news: The Carlsbad Police Dept. says there was an attempted child
abduction recently in the Aviara area. The guy was described as a
Hispanic male, 40ish, pocked marked skin with a mole on the side of his nose. He had curly hair. He was driving a red pick up with a trailer hitch and either a white cab on the back or those large white tool boxes. The girl he attempted to pull into the car was 10 years old.
There was also a rape two days ago at the Batiquitos Lagoon parking lot in broad daylight. Girls, please be careful.
A subscriber in Carlsbad would like to know if anyone has a good recommendation for a carpet cleaner. I actually got so fed up with them that I bought my own cleaner and do it myself!
Eeesh! Not the happiest e-mail lately, eh?
Be careful out there everyone.
Sister Thrifty


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